The World is Changing Fast.

We believe we can build economies where there is more than enough for everyone to survive and thrive.

Our collaborative platform brings together 50+ local, national and global partners made up of restorative investors, astronauts, community entrepreneurs, indigenous leaders, youth, and many others working together to ensure balance in the digital industrial revolution that is currently underway.

Our 50-state strategy, to inform global rollout, will function across three tracks of activity.


Training and access hubs for entrepreneurs through Rising Tide Capital’s Community Business Academy (national replication active); and engaging individuals committed to a livable planet, centering marginalized voices and aligning disconnected efforts and movements.


Convening and aligning policymakers, corporate leaders, influencers, investors, and philanthropists; and introducing a Future Economy Officer and Youth Fellow in each community, to model new governance structures for inclusive policy-making that prioritize long-term thinking.


Broad and deep multi-platform storytelling, grounded in the 50th anniversary of the Apollo Program and the Earthrise photo that changed the world, as astronauts captured an image of the planet from the moon; online and offline channels will be activated, globally and locally.

We will partner with 50 Restorative Investors in each state (2,500 total investors) over the next 7 years to sustain the impact of our Collaborative Platform over the long-term.
Future Tide Partners will engage expertise around exponential technologies (AI, blockchain, cryptocurrencies); indigenous wisdom; and community organizing and mobilizing, providing coherence and coordination for sharing emerging best practices with a global leadership network from 50 hub cities around the world.
Data, insights and stories that lift up our interconnectedness, and reinforce balance in the feminine and masculine energies that inform shared systems will be consistently shared at special gatherings and through timely media campaigns, printed and digital content, and curriculum to accelerate efforts toward a restorative economy.

If you are interested in advancing the work of Future Tide Partners, please connect with us to learn and act together . . . please join the wave!

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